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Choosing a wedding photographer

What are the important things to consider when comparing wedding photographers?

Choosing a Photographer


Your wedding photographer plays a large part in your big day and should not be the cause of any surprises or upsets. Before you book, arrange a meeting for an initial chat and to view their albums. Do they make you feel at ease? If so, they are more likely to be able to put you at ease on your wedding day and capture natural, relaxed photographs.


Have a good look through the website and albums; decide if you like what you see and read. Does their style of wedding photography fit with your ideas of wedding photographs? Take a close look at their work; the quality & choice of albums available, as well as the printing and paper. Don’t forget the design and layout...does it inspire you?


Let’s not shy away from discussing the cost... you will probably have a budget in mind. A word of caution; don’t under estimate the benefit of hiring a experienced professional wedding photographer. Your wedding photographs will create the lasting memories of your big day for your lifetime and beyond. As a guide, allocate 10% of your budget to wedding photography. If your budget is limited, why not look at other areas of your wedding plan to adjust spending on other items. Maybe enlist friends to make button holes, spend less on your cake, etc.

If you spend time investigating some of the options, meeting some photographers and examining their work... the investment of both time and money will prove worth while.