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Photography style

Style - what does it mean?

The terms photojournalistic style and wedding photojournalism are used quite liberally by photographers. Other terms such as reportage, traditional & contemporary photographers all serve to confuse.
If you like what you see; that’s all that really matters.

My style

My photography style is really a hybrid of those mentioned above. I have so many inspirations that come from so many different places and work to implement them in my images. With a wide range of techniques from natural, candid photography to mini fashion photo-shoots and everything in between. Some shots requiring spontaneity; some requiring a little more preparation.

What to expect

The history of wedding traditions has informed our choice of wedding photography style. Traditional wedding photography still has a place today but I love it when couples consciously choose to break away from tradition and make their wedding truly their own.

Knowing how, what & when are the keys to my success.


All the Collections come with my natural and contemporary photographic style and include a 
pre-wedding photo shoot with your choice of location.