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Your Wedding Day...

On your wedding day I am responsible for recording some of the most memorable moments of your lives and ensuring that I reproduce the story of your wedding day in as interesting, attractive and unique way as possible.

It should also be remembered that as your photographer I also interact with your guests. My ability to work unobtrusively whilst also directing friends & family efficiently and politely is paramount.

Your wedding day photographs are a balance between spontaneous shots and a series of mini photo-shoots. The spontaneous images capture the mood of the day; the ambiance of the venue as well as the personalities of the Bride and Groom, all in a natural style and without interrupting the flow of events.

You won’t see many formal group wedding poses on my website. I do undertake them by request but prefer to keep them to a minimum so that your wedding day has a natural flow.


Bride & Groom time

The mini-shoots are fun and relaxed yet they capture a wider variety of more creative, fashion-orientated images for your album. Keeping each session very short means that you are never far away from your guests: and never for too long.